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Show Details HostCalifornia Chef serves up tasty ideas for using fresh and healthy ingredients. Join Executive Chef Denise Macuk for easy and creative recipes to keep your menu on the light side. No matter where you live, you’ll be on top of trends and the latest news for living and eating well with California Chef Radio!



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California Chef Radio – Making Mango Salsa With a Protein Pro

Chef Denise and Lori discuss the important role that lean proteins play in a healthy diet with Dr. Amy Lee—a highly respected Los Angeles-based physician and dietician—while making a delicious mango salsa that’s a wonderful accompaniment for almost any protein you can think of.

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California Chef Radio with Denise Macuk

Denise Macuk is the owner and executive chef of California Chef, a Los Angeles Based personal meal delivery service. Her company provides delicious, nutritionally balanced meals to celebrities, professional athletes, and anyone else who wants to eat healthy or lose weight. Chef Denise specializes in creating recipes that are not only healthy but taste great. Her recipes have been included in nutrition & cook books and featured on television. She has traveled to more than 20 countries to study their gastronomy, and was classically trained in Asian, Italian, French, Mexican, and vegetarian cuisines.


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