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Regional Best Foods

Show Details HostThere’s a good story behind every product, especially one handcrafted by a food artisan. We talk to food artisans and producers, the passionate champions of local foods, as well as food experts and cookbook authors. We share delicious recipes, take you to fun food festivals, and offer giveaways of some of the local foods that make America great.

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Regional Best Foods – Ahhhh…The Perfect Cup of Coffee, Chocolate Bliss!, and a Trendy Food Cart

We talk to food artisans Piper Jones of Kohana Coffee in Austin, TX, and Chocolatier Susie Norris of LA. Cookbook author Julie Hasson talks about Her Complete Book of Pies, upcoming Vegan diner book and trendy new food cart in Portland, Oregon.

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Regional Best Foods with Marsha Cade and Caragh Whalen

Lifelong foodies and business professionals who care about what their families eat, Marsha and Caragh founded and launched (, an online food marketplace that offers regional foods produced by artisans, farmers, ranchers, cheesemakers, bakers, chocolatiers and other small, family-owned companies across the country. is committed to help small producers who champion local foods and flavors move beyond their local market to reach a broader audience. Their company supports sustainable and eco-friendly farming and production practices.

In their love for food and quest to support local artisans, farmers and other small food producers, Marsha and Caragh have discovered some of the best and hard-to-find foods across the country from chocolate bars to organic lamb, biscotti, handmade crackers and artisan cheeses.

“Food artisans are so passionate about the food they produce,” says Marsha. “You can be assured it’s high quality and made with the very best ingredients and with special care. And, there’s always an interesting story behind the producer and behind their product. That’s the story we offer on Regional Best Foods.”

Marsha lives in suburban Philadelphia with her husband and two young teenagers. She’s originally a farm girl from West Texas, where she grew up on local food — her own family’s bounty of meats, fruits and vegetables.
Caragh lives in the Boston area with her husband and four children. She’s a lifelong New Englander, who at an early age, was exploring local farms and farm stands and picking wild Maine blueberries.


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