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Steeping Around – Celebrating With Tea Liqueurs

Manish’s birthday is fast approaching, and this week Tere has a surprise in store for him. She has concocted three tea-infused liquors of her own, using her favorites of the Maya Tea selection. Manish and Tere relate the history of liqueurs, and then they begin to taste their own. After the drinks have been drunk, Tere reveals her recipes to the audience, so that everyone can make delicious tea liqueurs from home.


Steeping Around – Partying With Mom: Mother’s Sweet Tea Vodka

Manish and Tere are continuing their month-long celebration this week, in honor of Manish’s birthday and tea-infused spirits. It is 9:30 in the morning, and the two of them have cracked open a bottle of Mother’s Sweet Tea Vodka. Listen to the two spirited hosts as they describe the unique flavor of this vodka, as well as the fun recipes you can make with it. Cheers!


Steeping Around – Surviving to Thriving in the Tea World

This week guest host Tere Clark shares the final portion of her interview with Manish. In the decade that Maya Tea has been in business, both the company and Manish, its owner, have experienced exponential growth. Learn how Maya Tea went from survival mode to the stable, thriving company that it is today, and how Manish in turn went from a novice to an expert on tea in ten short years.


Steeping Around – Strong Women and Stupendous Tea-Making

It is good, strong women that make Maya Tea the smooth-running and vibrant company that it is, so owner and host Manish Shah appreciates such women when he comes across them. Just such an example is Suzan Sculatti of the Tea Time Trading Company, whose brilliant One-Touch Teapot is turning heads across the world.


Steeping Around – Yerba Maté – The Herb With a Buzz!

This week, Manish Shah and show producer Tere Clark discuss the green herbal tea, Yerba Maté. One of the favorites of the Maya Tea Company staff, Yerba Maté holds a very special place in the hearts of drinkers, and for good reason: it pumps them up! Join Manish and Tere, as well as two guests from Maya Tea, as they discuss this incredible herb.


Steeping Around – A Day In the Life: Physical, Mental, and Personal Pushing

In continuation of last week’s episode, we return to Monday- a day full of pushing. From back-breaking yoga to mind-bending meetings, Manish recaps the happenings of one of the busiest days at Maya Tea Company, revealing within his stories the reason for all of this pushing. Join Manish and Tere for a glimpse into the heart of their work!


Steeping Around – A Day In the Life: Nick, Newbies, and Nicknames

Manish Shah takes you deeper than ever into the daily life of Maya Tea, and on the wildest of days: Monday. Join he and Tere Clark as they talk about all things Mayan- the place, the people, and the particulars- from tying an employee to the roof of a car to solving problems with spiritual insight. Welcome to the Maya Tea Company, you’ll love Steeping Around with us!


Steeping Around – Laid-Back Lemon Balm

This week is all about rest and relaxation. Manish and Tere talk all about lemon balm: its flavor, its history, and its fabulously soothing effects on the body. And, if that’s not enough to smooth your nerves, stay tuned for the final segment! The crew of Maya Tea cracks open a bottle of vodka in response to a fabulous Question of the Week.


Steeping Around – Warming The Kettle: The Story of Maya and Chai

Host Manish Shah debuts Steeping Around by recounting his origins from a Farmer’s Market stand to an international tea company, from one product to hundreds, and from psychology to marketing. Manish answers the question: “what tea works best to replace coffee?”



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