Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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Steeping Around – Tea Grown in Europe?

Manish and Tere continue their exploration of tea origins this week, shedding light on the places that we ordinarily don’t associate with tea plantations. A few weeks ago they spoke about Kenyan teas, and this week it’s off to Europe–Portugal, to be specific. Did you know that delicious teas are grown in Portugal? Neither did we, until Manish met David of Gorreana Tea at the World Tea Expo last June. In his interview, David talks about the history of Portuguese tea and what makes his family’s operation so special.


Steeping Around – Tasting Kenyan Teas

Joy Njuguna of Royal Teas of Kenya joins
Manish and Tere once again in an exploration of Kenyan tea.  This week,
Joy introduces us to her company and her line of teas, which Manish and Tere
were given the opportunity to try at the World Tea Expo.  Manish relates
the results of their tasting, and each reveals their favorite.


Steeping Around – Family, Friends, and Kenyan Tea

What does Kenyan tea
and family have in common?  Everything.  Manish’s own family joins
him on the show this week to talk about their Thanksgiving, and in keeping with
the theme, Manish and Tere revisit an interview with Joy Njuna of Royal Tea of
Kenya.  Joy’s family was one of the first to grow tea in Kenya, and has
fought for the rights of the growers ever since.



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