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Steeping Around – Charitea

Manish’s birthday has got him thinking about the things he is thankful for, and among them, for the good that is done within the tea industry for the tea farmers themselves. There is perhaps no better example that Ajiri Tea, a company that we had the pleasure of interviewing at the World Tea Expo last June. Listen as Sara Holby describes the wonderful things that they are doing for employment and education in Kenya. And don’t miss the final segment, where Manish and Tere reveal some upcoming changes for Steeping Around.


Steeping Around – Celebrating With Tea Liqueurs

Manish’s birthday is fast approaching, and this week Tere has a surprise in store for him. She has concocted three tea-infused liquors of her own, using her favorites of the Maya Tea selection. Manish and Tere relate the history of liqueurs, and then they begin to taste their own. After the drinks have been drunk, Tere reveals her recipes to the audience, so that everyone can make delicious tea liqueurs from home.


Steeping Around – Catnip, Once Again!

Host Manish Shah is sick this week, so we’re running a repeat episode from last year. Get ready for a revisit of “Catnip: Calm or Crazy?”, in which Tere and Manish sip on cups of catnip tea as they talk about its history, health benefits, and effects on the mind. Will they feel any different after drinking this tea? Listen in to find out.


Steeping Around – Partying With Mom: Mother’s Sweet Tea Vodka

Manish and Tere are continuing their month-long celebration this week, in honor of Manish’s birthday and tea-infused spirits. It is 9:30 in the morning, and the two of them have cracked open a bottle of Mother’s Sweet Tea Vodka. Listen to the two spirited hosts as they describe the unique flavor of this vodka, as well as the fun recipes you can make with it. Cheers!


Steeping Around – Mead, Mead, Mead

Tere LaBaw enlightens both Manish and the audience this week with her extensive knowledge of mead, or honey wine. She shares a little history and describes what exactly mead is, and even gives listeners a home recipe for tea-infused mead. Then, she and Manish taste test the tea-infused mead made by the Volcano Winery, given so generously to Manish by Eva Lee of Tea Hawaii and Company.


Steeping Around – Elevational Varieties: Hawaiian Teas Pt. 2

Manish and Tere welcome Eva Lee of Tea Hawaii & Co back to the show this week for our third show about “island tea”. Eva describes the four varieties that come from their gardens, as well as where we can find them for sale. But that’s not all–in addition to tea, Tea Hawaii & Co offers fine teaware, tours and even wines, much to Manish’s delight. In the final segment, Manish and Tere put Eva’s teas to the test… will they stand up to it?


Steeping Around – Island Hopping – Hawaiian Tea

Last week we visited the Azores Islands for a glimpse of Portuguese tea. This week, we are island-hopping. Manish introduces Eva Lee of Tea Hawaii & Co, who grows tea on the island of Hawaii. The two discuss the history of tea in the Hawaiian islands. Eva explains what it is that makes the teas of Hawaii so special, and the unique connection between growers in the region.


Steeping Around – Tea Grown in Europe?

Manish and Tere continue their exploration of tea origins this week, shedding light on the places that we ordinarily don’t associate with tea plantations. A few weeks ago they spoke about Kenyan teas, and this week it’s off to Europe–Portugal, to be specific. Did you know that delicious teas are grown in Portugal? Neither did we, until Manish met David of Gorreana Tea at the World Tea Expo last June. In his interview, David talks about the history of Portuguese tea and what makes his family’s operation so special.


Steeping Around – Looking Back, and Looking Forward

Manish is back from India and returns as host this week to Steeping Around. As he muses on the changes that India has seen in the past fifteen years, he and Tere reflect on the past twelve months of Steeping Around and, specifically, on last year’s New Year’s resolutions. Were they met? In the final segment, Manish and Tere address some recent listener emails regarding children and colds, and they reveal some of their plans for the upcoming year.


Steeping Around – Surviving to Thriving in the Tea World

This week guest host Tere Clark shares the final portion of her interview with Manish. In the decade that Maya Tea has been in business, both the company and Manish, its owner, have experienced exponential growth. Learn how Maya Tea went from survival mode to the stable, thriving company that it is today, and how Manish in turn went from a novice to an expert on tea in ten short years.



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