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Steeping Around – Charitea

Manish’s birthday has got him thinking about the things he is thankful for, and among them, for the good that is done within the tea industry for the tea farmers themselves. There is perhaps no better example that Ajiri Tea, a company that we had the pleasure of interviewing at the World Tea Expo last June. Listen as Sara Holby describes the wonderful things that they are doing for employment and education in Kenya. And don’t miss the final segment, where Manish and Tere reveal some upcoming changes for Steeping Around.


Steeping Around – Tea Grown in Europe?

Manish and Tere continue their exploration of tea origins this week, shedding light on the places that we ordinarily don’t associate with tea plantations. A few weeks ago they spoke about Kenyan teas, and this week it’s off to Europe–Portugal, to be specific. Did you know that delicious teas are grown in Portugal? Neither did we, until Manish met David of Gorreana Tea at the World Tea Expo last June. In his interview, David talks about the history of Portuguese tea and what makes his family’s operation so special.


Steeping Around – Tasting Kenyan Teas

Joy Njuguna of Royal Teas of Kenya joins
Manish and Tere once again in an exploration of Kenyan tea.  This week,
Joy introduces us to her company and her line of teas, which Manish and Tere
were given the opportunity to try at the World Tea Expo.  Manish relates
the results of their tasting, and each reveals their favorite.


Steeping Around – A Better Way to Squeeze

Peering into products and people reveals great use and great potential. This week, Manish and Tere take a deeper look at the gadget that won “best accessory” at the 2010 World Tea Expo. What is the Squeezmo, and why do you need one? On a similar note, Manish describes one of his family friends and helpers, Brian, who also deserves a deeper look.


Steeping Around – Aftermath: The World Tea Expo

George Jage of the World Tea Expo returns this week to recap June’s spectacular event. He and Manish look forward to World Tea East, premiering in six weeks’ time in Philadelphia. In the third and final segment, Manish attempts to restore confidence with one of our listeners. Can he do it??


Steeping Around – Iced Tea: Three Methods, One Maker!

We’ve gone from extravagance to efficiency in this episode, as Manish and Tere introduce another incredible iced tea maker. John Lown of Takeya Tea Company joins Manish at the World Tea Expo to tell the story and inspiration behind one of the most complete, well thought out iced tea makers we’ve ever seen. Don’t miss your opportunity to bring one of these beauties home–Manish reveals the details in the final segment.


Steeping Around – Tuff Stuff – Today’s Best Tea Gadgets

Manish and Tere reflect on their findings at the World Tea Expo, and introduce you to some of the best new tea gadgets of 2011. For those who love loose leaf tea but need a better way to enjoy it on-the-go, this episode is for you – Manish interviews Bo Olson of The Tea Spot, a Boulder-based company bringing the best of earth-friendly, traveling tea products to the market.


Steeping Around – Welcome to the World Tea Expo!

This week Manish Shah is joined by George Jage, founding father of the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. George and Manish discuss today’s tea trends, from the baby boomers to generation Y, from first-class celebrities to first-time shop owners. Join them as they peek behind the scenes of one of the fastest growing industries in America.



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